My son, you did it. With another dominant weekend at the PSCCE in Most/CZ you are the youngest sprint champion of the series at the age of 17. The way you’ve worked the last few months just makes me proud. Your calmness and precision in the GT 3 Cup Porsche is impressive for me. I look forward to what is to come in the future.

Today I would like to thank your instructor and friend in what is probably the most important time in the shifter kart.
Thank you Ernst Penninger VPD Racing for your tireless work and personal commitment to Colin.
It’s great that you’re by our side.

Mechanic: Richard Gander
Chief engineer: Franz Maier
Drivercoach: Florian Janits
Fitness Coach: Petra Zombo

Pictures: Hafeez, Tahir

Results Autodromo Most / Czech Republic

Qualification run 1 / 1. Place
Qualification run 1 / 1. Place
Qualification Endurance/ Pole Position
Race result run 1.
Race result run 1.
Race result Endurance 1.
3x fastest race lap

Porsche Sprint Challange Central Europe
Champion 2022
Porsche GT 3 Overall Endurance Central Europe
Champion 2022

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